Friday, November 2, 2012

Cleaning Foggy Headlights -With Toothpaste

Yes, you read that right... Toothpaste!

So the headlights on my car have been really bad for a while and I've been putting off dealing with it because I was sure it would mean spending loads of cash on new lenses.

The other day, I came across this idea on Pinterest and had to try it.

In the first pic you can see how fogged my headlights were before.

The second pic shows how much toothpaste I used. Just a line of any regular toothpaste. (much cheaper than buying new lenses or those big cleaning kits.)

The third pic is the headlight after I used a rag and a little pressure to rub the toothpaste around until it went dry. After it goes dry, wipe the residue off with a wet rag.

The fourth pic shows the difference between the light treated to toothpaste and the one I hadn't touched.

This was really fun to try and to watch the change. Go try it and save loads of money by not going with the more expensive options.

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